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Centrestar leadership has designed programs for organizations for over 30 years. We can help you customize your learning program by selecting individual courses that can be completed online, through onsite workshops, remote learning, or you can conduct your own inhouse seminars or learn-at-lunch programs.

The following offerings are examples of programs delivered to organizational clients. For more information, please contact us.

CPE 1010 Project Management Essentials (16 hrs.)

In today's dynamic environment, supervisors, managers, and other professionals are often called upon to lead projects. Projects managed by trained staff are completed on time and under budget, effectively and efficiently, and team members have a positive experience.  

Through a series of four courses, participants will explore the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in acting as a project leader. They will participate in experimental learning with a variety of planning exercises/activities designed with an action focus. 

We designed this program to meet the needs of entry-level managers, technical personnel, and other professionals involved in managing projects of all sizes. Supervisors or other individuals whose functions overlap with project management tasks or those individuals anticipating stepping into such roles and functions will also benefit from this program.

CPE 1011 Defining and Planning Projects (4 hrs.)  

CPE 1012 Understanding Project Management Tools and Uses (4 hrs.)

CPE 1013 Leading Projects and Teams (4 hrs.) 

CPE 1014 Controlling Projects to Completion (4 hrs.) 

CPE 1204 Lean Sigma Process Improvement: Yellow Belt (12 hrs.) 

While Lean Sigma concepts have their roots in manufacturing, studies have shown that similar results have been achieved in the financial services sector, healthcare, and throughout government. The focus of Lean Sigma as a continuous improvement methodology and process management strategy improves processes and eliminates waste. 

This program covers essential concepts for better understanding Lean Sigma tools and methodologies and shows how to apply them to improve processes, eliminate waste and enhance organizational performance. 

CPE 1204 Lean Sigma Process improvement: Yellow Belt (12 hrs.) 

CPE 1205 Lean Sigma Process Improvement: Green Belt (48 hours; plus, completion of Lean Sigma Process Improvement: Yellow Belt) 

This 48-hour Lean Sigma Process Improvement: Green Belt course is designed as an application opportunity for people with busy schedules and little or no prior experience with Lean Sigma. Centrestar’s online 12-hour Lean Sigma Process Improvement: Yellow Belt course (CPE 1204) is a prerequisite course and provides participants with an introduction to the tools, techniques and methodologies, this Green Belt program provides the project application. The requirements for Centrestar’s Green Belt process improvement project are as follows:

1. Successful completion of Centrestar’s 12-hour CPE 1204 Yellow Belt course (prerequisite).

2. Successful completion of Centrestar’s online CPE 1205 Green Belt course and submission of a “hands-on” work-related project of your choosing.

3. Submission of a link to your 10-minute virtual presentation. ---Please note: Your virtual platform can be a recorded Zoom presentation, narrated PowerPoint slides, or use another method of your choosing. Just supply link for viewing. 

It is expected that the total time for completing your Green Belt course and demonstration project should be approximately 48 hours beyond completion of the prerequisite online Yellow Belt course. You can complete your Green Belt project individually or as part of a team.  

By course completion, you will be well-versed in the knowledge and skills needed for successfully leading or participating in Green Belt-level projects to reduce or eliminate waste, lower defects in your organization’s products and processes, and improve customer satisfaction. At the end of this course, you should be able to:

+ Demonstrate competence in observing, documenting, and evaluating work processes

+ Put Lean Sigma concepts to practical use in your work environment

+ Select and apply the appropriate tools when analyzing a work process

+ Show that you understand Lean Sigma tools and how best to apply them

+ Report and present project actions, key metrics, and outcomes efficiently and professionally 

CPE 2000 Professional and Personal Development Series (40 hrs.)

The competition out there is tough. Organizations can buy the same equipment and use it the same way, and thus organizations with the best-trained people will produce the best products and services. Today's competitive business environment demands that successful organizations develop and support top talent. Individuals must communicate, work as a team, and focus on organizational priorities. 


Select one or more of the courses in this series, depending on your goals. 


CPE 2101 Professional Ethics 

CPE 2204 Enhancing Communications in the Workplace (4 hrs.) 

CPE 2206 Managing Multiple Priorities (4 hrs.)

CPE 2207 Enhancing Workplace Relationships (4 hrs.)

CPE 2208 Embracing a Climate of Motivation and Engagement (4 hrs.)

CPE 2209 Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence (4 hrs.)

CPE 2210 Communicating Respectfully in Today's Workplace (4 hrs.)

CPE 2211 Responding to Conflict in the Workplace (4 hrs.)

CPE 2212 Engaging in Teamwork (4 hrs.)

CPE 2213 Giving and Receiving Feedback that Works (4 hrs.)

CPE 2214 Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace (4 hrs.)

CPE 3000 Front-Line Supervisory Leadership Program (80 hrs.)

This program series is comprised of five individual programs designed for new frontline supervisors, project leaders, group leaders, those with little formal training in leadership, or individuals anticipating stepping into supervisory leadership roles will also benefit from this program.


The courses cover the essential competencies needed to supervise and lead others to greater individual, team, and organizational performance. For experienced supervisors, the twenty short courses offer a comprehensive skill update. For people expected to move into supervision, the courses are excellent preparation.


CPE 3010 Supervisory Fundamentals (16 hrs.)

CPE 3011 Understanding Supervisory Roles and Functions (4 hrs.) 

CPE 3012 Fostering Effective Communication (4 hrs.)

CPE 3013 Building Collaborative Interpersonal Relationships (4 hrs.)

CPE 3014 Promoting Contemporary Leadership Practices (4 hrs.)

CPE 3021 Performance Management (16 hrs.)

CPE 3021 Creating a Climate of Motivation and Engagement (4 hrs.)

CPE 3022 Shaping Performance Expectations (4 hrs.)

CPE 3023 Developing Performance Coaching Techniques (4 hrs.)

CPE 3024 Addressing Difficult Performance Situations (4 hrs.)

CPE 3030 Teamwork and Cooperation (16 hrs.)

CPE 3031 Understanding Team Roles and Responsibilities (4 hrs.)

CPE 3032 Developing Team Skills and Processes (4 hrs.)

CPE 3033 Resolving Team Challenges (4 hrs.)

CPE 3034 Enhancing Influence and Negotiation Skills (4 hrs.)

CPE 3040 Workplace Improvement (16 hrs.)

CPE 3041 Applying Systematic Problem Solving (4 hrs.)

CPE 3042 Implementing Time and Priority Management (4 hrs.) 

CPE 3043 Facilitating Effective Meetings (4 hrs.)

CPE 3044 Understanding and Resolving Conflicts (4 hrs.)

CPE 3050 Workplace Excellence (16 hrs.)

CPE 3051 Framing Customer Perceptions and Expectations (4 hrs.) 

CPE 3052 Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement (4 hrs.)

CPE 3053 Identifying and Implementing Improvement Initiatives (4 hrs.)

CPE 3054 Presenting Initiatives with Confidence (4 hrs.)

CPE 4100 Mid-Level Manager - People, Processes, and Operations (40 hrs.)

This program has ten short courses designed for functional managers, coordinators, directors, administrators, project managers, and others who may or may not have direct supervisory and managerial responsibilities but who have demonstrated leadership potential. Its purpose is to ensure that participants develop an adequate understanding of the leadership competencies and practices needed to function across organizational units and engage in today's global business environment.


CPE 4010 Interpreting the Changing Role of the Leader (4 hrs.) 

CPE 4101 Implementing Organizational Change Initiatives (4 hrs.)

CPE 2204 Enhancing Communication in the Workplace (4 hrs.)

CPE 4044 Leading Through Conflicts in the Workplace (4 hrs.)

CPE 4701 Coaching for Exemplary Performance (4 hrs.)

CPE 4102 Developing Global Business Acumen (4 hrs.)

CPE 3309 Solving Problems and Making Ethical Decisions (4 hrs.)

CPE 4302 Examining Financial Knowledge Essentials (4 hrs.)

CPE 1110 Understanding Project Budgeting and Justification (4 hrs.)

CPE 1109 Leading Complex Projects (4 hrs.)

CPE 4500 Senior Leader / Executive - Strategic Initiatives (28 hrs.)

This program has seven short courses designed for senior leaders. It provides an opportunity to develop the higher-level competencies required for leaders to work cross-functionally in their organizations. 


The program focuses on organizational best practices and criteria for performance excellence. Leaders can build their leadership awareness and competence while examining the alignment of those skills and competencies with organizational realities. 


The courses include project work where participants apply their learning by developing a personal Competence Action Plans related to their individual careers and organizations.


CPE 4501 Developing Leadership in Organizations (4 hrs.) 

CPE 4502 Facilitating Strategic Planning (4 hrs.)

CPE 4503 Promoting Organizational Focus on the Customer (4 hrs.)

CPE 4504 Understanding Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management (4 hrs.)

CPE 4505 Fostering a Workforce Focus (4 hrs.)

CPE 4506 Establishing and Operations Focus (4 hrs.)

CPE 4507 Leading for Corporate Innovation (4 hrs.)

CPE 5800 Enhancing Client Relationship Skills (8 hrs.)

This intensive two-session series is for technical specialists, product leaders, service providers, customer relationship representatives, business owners, and others who want to build their client relationship competence and learn how to create win-win solutions.


CPE 5801 Developing Your Client Relationship Advantage (4 hrs.) 

CPE 5802 Building Advanced Client Relationship Skills (4 hrs.)