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Course Categories

21 Courses

The competencies related to managing resources and projects are covered in the resource management cluster. We focus specifically on computer literacy, technical proficiency, resource usage, project management, and system comprehension.

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27 Courses

All leaders need to develop a variety of soft skills, which are included in the professional competency cluster. They include self-management, interpersonal skills, the capacity to learn and use new information, as well as verbal and written communication.

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29 Courses

The supervisory management cluster outlines the skills that managers must possess, including mentoring, adaptability and resilience, problem-solving, decisiveness, conflict management, teamwork, persuasion and negotiation, client focus, and relationship-building.

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17 Courses

Nearly all organizations' key functional areas are covered by the organizational leadership cluster's information. The management of human performance, planning, financial and budgetary fundamentals, technological management, creative thinking, strategic thinking and planning, and leading change are a few examples of these competencies.

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14 Courses

This cluster examines the precise technological competencies that a successful leader needs. They cover topics such as technical competencies that are particular to a given work, occupational competencies, and industrial competencies.

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