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CPE 2307 Business Writing Styles

CPE 2307 Business Writing Styles

  • Instructor: Dr. Wesley E. Donahue, PE, PMP

Oftentimes, people try to avoid writing because they are uncomfortable with it. This discomfort may be due to the fact that writing isn’t something required of them on a regular basis, or perhaps they just view it as a time-consuming chore that they would rather put off.

This course covers business writing guidelines and their practical application. The emphasis is on clear and concise writing that can help improve the efficiency of the work done in an organization and avoid miscommunication. The principles that are taught can be applied to a wide variety of documents commonly used in the business environment. At the end of this course you should be able to:

+ Tackle any business writing challenge in five easy steps.

+ Manage time effectively and avoid procrastinating.

+ Identify and use the characteristics of effective business writing.

+ Get the desired response from your e-mails and letters.

+ Generate reports and proposals that are as persuasive as they are informative.