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What assessments are available?



Leadership Competency Model and Inventories

The Centrestar Academy Competency Model is a research-based tool that provides a framework for assessing leadership and professional development perceptions. The framework utilizes the same 35 competency dimensions associated with successful performance in leadership and professional roles as segmented by leadership level in the last section. For diagnostic assessment purposes, the same 35 competencies were into the following five competency domains or clusters:

⦁ Resource Management
⦁ Professional Competence
⦁ Supervisory/Management
⦁ Organizational Leadership
⦁ Technical Acumen

You can search our courses by competency cluster using the All Courses page and selecting one of the five competency clusters.

Centrestar's Competency Model

competency cluster



The Leadership Competency Inventory (LCI) is the instrument used for data collection with individuals, groups, or multi-rater assessments.

For Individuals: Are you searching for appropriate professional development resource to enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals in your organization or to use in your inhouse programs? Checkout our popular book Building leadership Competence, which is available on Amazon, or our Leadership Competency Inventory and the Individual Development Plan 8-page booklet, described under the Inventories section that follows in this website.

A complimentary copy of the Leadership Competency Inventory and the Individual Development Plan 8-page booklet is available for personal use only by downloading a PDF version. The inventory and plan encourage individuals to start by focusing on the development of a single competency area. After you are satisfied with your progress in that specific competency, you can then select another competency and continue the process until you have addressed your top three to five competency areas.

For Organizations: Are you planning to develop the leadership and professional development skills of your employees or associates?

We can help you maximize your investment in training and educational programs by:

⦁ Taking out the guesswork, which we do by assessing the needs of the specific groups in your organization that you desire to target.

⦁ Recommending courses and programs that close the need gap.

⦁ Providing customized solution opportunities.

Get started by identifying the target group of workers, supervisors, managers, or other professionals who should participate in the assessment. Also, determine how higher-level managers might contribute to the results.

For more information, complete our Contact Form and we will be back in touch.

360 multi-rater assessments: Many organizations use some form of multi-rater feedback and coaching instrument. Some claim this figure may be close to 90 percent. Studies indicate that multi-rater feedback assists organizations in improving employee performance because it helps employees see their performance from different perspectives, and it helps them see a direction for growth.
The Leadership Competency Inventory™ (LCI) can be used as a development tool to provide ratings across many behaviors. For more information, complete our Contact Form and we will be back in touch.

Additionally, we invite users of our site to visit our Blog and read more about multi-rater assessments: A Brief Overview of 360-degree Competency Assessments.